(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai)




A great amount of thought, planning and design has gone into the making of PTR’s campus. The primary intention was to create a campus that invites nature in while fulfilling the demands of an integrated environment for learning and teaching.


To meet the demand of industries and to improve the learning caliber of our students, our College has a well modernized computing environment within the campus with sophisticated state of the art computer labs with high configuration of 675 computer systems. All the systems are distributed to the departments, Digital library, Departments conducting value addition course in order to provide necessary hardware resources.

Internet & Wifi

The whole campus is connected through wired as well as wireless networks. Students are able to have access through internet with 20 mbps connectivity. The coverage of Wi-Fi is not only restricted to class rooms but also extends to all the areas including library, auditorium, cafeteria, and hostels. Eventually, it enables KCET to switch over to innovate and recent teaching and learning methodologies.

Power House

In order to provide uninterrupted power supply, we are having automatic instant Power Restoration. When EB power supply fails, Power is restored instantly. Power House with Automatic Power Restoration Generator set with capacity of 160, 62.5, 15 KVA, 22.5 KVS = 259.5 KVA

RO Plant

Water points are available at appropriate places in and around the campus to quench the thirst of the students. “Water, the elixir of Life” is purified using the 4 RO Plants and supplied hygienically. This in turn, will protect the students from health hazards and help them to lead a healthy life.


We very well understand that parents leave their dearest possession, their loving sons and daughters in their teens to our care and protection. So, they become our sacred responsibility. HEC therefor, considers safety and security of the students its supreme duty almost integral to its educational goal. To ensure this, a dedicated team of security officers and security personnel perform their duties twenty four hours in an exceptional manner. In no time they arrive at the spot if any into ward situation is brewing up. and once they reach, nothing wrong can happen. They are capable, competent and equipped to handle any or every situation. Many measures are adopted to provide the students with a safe, secure and congenial environment to study and work in. First and foremost strict vigilance is observed at the gates. No person without identity card or authorized entry permission is allowed to enter the college and hostel premises. Our college is under surveillance by many cameras.

Video Conference

In our college we have Video Conferencing facility. Our students get more knowledge from this facility. Many live conferences are attend by our students of every department.